That year, an overwhelming amount of mist covers the Cotswolds rolling hills and charming villages.

What Dr Olsen found strange was that those uninvited patients would always visit her at misty hours. The ghosts of the past, a headless ghost in royal attire at Chavenage House. Wherever she goes, they always find her. They come out from paintings or mirrors, but seem friendly. They smile warmly, waiting for her to listen to their story.

Meanwhile, a boy discovers he can spot bizarre and mythical creatures in the mist. What is so special about Tommy that he attracts those creatures? He wished he could tell and share those encounters with someone who can also see them. Tommy later meets Dr Olsen, as his father, Mr Brown, brings him for therapy. Tonight, as the mist falls over the grounds of a Cotswolds village, a hint of unearthly life flickers on the surface of water…

Page by page, discover unique and gorgeous Cotswolds landmarks and heritage treasures, encrypted in ghosts of time and mythical creatures of Great Britain.

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